It had to be more
than co-incidence...
This is the piece of paper that the little girl
handed to me.
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Evan Duncan
It was January 1986.  I was one of the leaders at
a week-long camp in the Sunshine Coast
hinterland, run by Teen Challenge to help
troubled youth.

During a free time, I decided to pick up my
Bible and start reading some of it.  A particular
verse, Romans 8:28, caught my attention.

At the start of the camp, we had each been given
a copy of the book, "The Cross and the
Switchblade" written by David Wilkerson, the
founder of Teen Challenge.  A few days into the
camp, I started reading the book, and I came to a
place where David Wilkerson mentioned a
quotation from the Bible.  It was that same
scripture, Romans 8:28.

Towards the end of the camp, we were playing a
game with the children. In this game, each
participant had to stand on a sheet of
newspaper, and then the sheet would be ripped
into half and they would have to stand on a
half-size sheet.  The ripping-in-half continued
until the children had to stand on their tip-toes
on one leg.  Covering more than the piece of
paper with your foot or toe would mean you
were out of the game.

I was sitting down, watching the game, when a
little girl about 2 or 3 years old, wandered across
the floor and reached down to the many bits of
paper which now covered the floor, and picked
up a tiny piece of newspaper.   Then she walked
across the floor to me in the slow, slightly
clumsy way toddlers do, and offered to me the
piece of paper.  I smiled at her, and reached out
and accepted her small gift.

I said, "Thankyou!", and as I drew my hand
back, I noticed what was written on that piece
of newspaper.  It was "Today's Thought", and
this is what it said:

"We know that in all things, God works for good
with those who love Him, those whom He has
called according to his purpose. - ROMANS
8:28 - (Selected by the Bible Society from the
Good News Bible.)"

It was the same verse I had already come across
twice before, during that camp.

Evan Duncan
31 May, 2003